Monday, October 20, 2014

Shoe Review: Spurr Basics, Crystal

If you follow me on Instagram (you should) you'll know I'm obsessed with the Iconic. Their range is just too good!
One of the shoe brands they stock is Spurr and the price point has always appealed to me (i.e. it is low) but I was hesitant to try them given my desire to wear shoes that are good for your feet in order to avoid problems later in life as well as the dreaded "I'm taking these off"/Blisters phase. But as you now know, I caved because I wanted a pair of white heels to replace my worn out Windsor Smith pair (RIP you were a great pair).
I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised! They have more cushioning than it seems, the size is true and the adjustable buckle on the back is fantastic. I was skeptical about the sole because in the pictures it looks like the sort that'll have me ass over turkey, luckily it isn't! It's actually quite soft rubber. Yes, it'll wear and tear easily but I'd rather that than a broken tail bone amiright?
One of the cons is they're not the most perfectly finished shoes, cheaper materials and glued together; you get what you pay for right?
One of the best things they came with is some heel replacements! YES! That's what led to the death of my previous pair and we all know the true horror of walking on the metal spike of a stiletto. Ugh.
So, what do you think? I'll need to buy another pair from Spurr before I'm sold for good but I do adore this pair of pretty babies.
They come in loads more colours and are currently on sale! Get in quick!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bargain of the Week

What: Coral Cocoon Wool Coat
From: Ebay
Why You Need It: Because spring has unpredictable weather (especially if you live in Melbourne) and this colour is perfect! Plus, that price, for one of the most on trend items of the last 2 seasons... run, don't walk.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Trend Forecast: Grey Shoes

Grey Shoes

I would never describe myself as a trend setter (but you can) however I think I'm into fashion enough that I can pick the next big thing from a line up. An upcoming trend I noticed while I was in the USA and again on and off the runway at this year's New York Fashion Week, is the return of the grey shoe. I remember owning a pair of patent grey heels and never wearing them because they didn't seem trendy enough... now I wish I'd held onto them! Grey is so easy to wear and such a nice change from black. I'm loving it in different textures and shapes. It's looking great with grey basics, patterns and aqua. What do you think of it? Will you be buying a pair?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hunter Valley Photo Diary

Wine, food, good company: are these not the staples of life? I was lucky enough to have a girls weekend away recently to the Hunter Valley in NSW. As a wine (alcohol) lover it had been on my list of places I must go and I was not disappointed!
First stop was Harrigan's for a fantastic lunch in the sunshine and the start of the lush day ahead. I wish we'd had time to look around the Hunter Valley Gardens but a wine tour was calling! We did the half-day Two Fat Blokes tour as recommended by a friend and Google. It was sensational and we're all dying to do the full day tour now! Our first winery was the Gundog Cellars which I think was my favourite of the day but the real show stopper was the De Iuliis cheese matching wine tasting part. I loved cheese before but it opened my eyes to a whole new world of taste sensations when it's matched with wine! A big shout out to the refreshing granita at the end ;)
We purchased far too many cheeses (there's a story there...) from the Two Fat Blokes deli to set ourselves up for dinner with our wine purchases. We naturally also made time to raid the Pokolbin sweet shop. It's important to support local business you know!
In the spirit of trying something new we stayed out of town at the Starline Alpaca Farm Stay. Now you might be wondering why this is so amazing but just look at the pictures! When you check in you're given a bucket of animal food with the directions to come back for more if needed. Baby alapacas and lambs and piglets and you can collect your own eggs from the chicken coop! We were in farm heaven and couldn't stop smiling: a great way to chase away a wine headache!
The Hunter is such a magical place, I'm dying to go back already... who knows... I may even get married there one day!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bargain of the Week: Men's Edition

I have been informed that my blog lacks content relevant for males. This shouldn't be a problem since I am a female and aim to appeal to other females BUT this guy does have excellent fashion sense and I guess I can include something for "da boys" for once.

What: Slim Fit Waistcoat
From: ASOS
Why You Need It: Because boys don't get to play with fashion as much as girls and that's not fair. And this vest is so beautifully hipster anyone with a beard can wear it for the lumberjack vibe and anyone who likes to shower (hee hee) can wear it on a night out with a slim t-shirt underneath. Oh,m and it comes in two colours!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Line of Sight: Upcoming Sunglasses Trends with Vision Direct

It's hard for me to admit this but I do not look good in many sunglasses. I have a little baby size head (that is not a joke, I can fit hats designed for 2 year olds) and many shades leave my face looking swamped. But like all Australians; I need sunglasses like I need air! To further complicate things... I also happen to want to look fantastic (Don't act like I'm alone here either).

VisionDirect contacted me just in time for my annual 'please let there be something suitable out there' sunglasses shopping trip and sent over this nifty infographic (yes I am a sucker for a well organised suite of information). At first I thought trying to buy sunglasses online was a recipe for disaster but I took a peek (hours of browsing) at their designer brands range and I just couldn't go past the prices! Plus, with 100 Days returns...What's the worst that could happen? I quickly realised there was no worst case scenario to be had because of these online tools to help you get the right pair: Buying Guide, Personality Lookbook, and my indulgent favourite, Virtual Try-On.
I chose a gorgeous Michael Kors pair I had been coveting because of their bold square shape and neutral colouring. Anyone out there a fan of coloured frames? I'm always dying to try them but alas, I am a classic girl at heart! The style is called Leah and it was love at first sight! They're the perfect size for my head and they're big enough to be classed as bold and oversized without being dubbed fish bowls. The quality is unbelievable and for those of you wondering... yes, they are real designer shades, not knock-offs. They came in a branded leathery case with the most adorable glasses cleaning kit. And here is my hot tip for you: invest in a mini screwdriver key ring. I've carried one for a while now and whenever you feel your glasses getting loose... just whip it out (the screwdriver)!
Enough gushing... here they are in all their glory!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bargain of the Week

What: Paradise Playsuit
From: Beginning Boutique
Why You Need It: Because Summer is upon us! And it will make you feel less envious of all the instagrammers you see sunbathing in Greece (I'm looking at you Emma Lucey). Playsuits are too easy to wear as well and everybody looks good in blue. Surely that's more than enough reasons!