Sunday, July 27, 2014

Grey Days

Shorts: Pink Stitch via Light and Beauty Boutique, Shirt: Dotti, Leather Jacket: EBay, Heels: Windsor Smith Gillie

Grey skies, grey waters...grey outfit! It's not winter in Australia unless you inappropriately wear shorts at least once. These sweet things are the sort of thing I can never walk past. Tailored? Check. Patterned? Check. Flattering on the old hips? Check. If you would like to pick up a pair you can do so soon enough from Light and Beauty Boutique.
I'm back home now from my amazing USA adventure (pics to come!) and have been told I've brought the good weather with me! It's far chillier than I'm used to but that's just making me more excited for summer :) Of course after America it's going to be soups and salads until then ha ha ha

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to take an Insta-worthy Flat Lay

Always wondered how your favourite accounts on Instagram achieve their amazing flat lay images? I did! I'm a total newbie to creating a good Instagram flat-lay, especially when it involves fashion items! Those pesky jumpers bunch in all the wrong places and ruin the shot! So I did little bit of research (yes, lurking instagram) and after some trial and error, I am ready to create aesthetically pleasing insta-images!

Flat Lay like your favourite fashion bloggers with these handy steps:

1. Download an App
#SquareDroid for Android or SquareFX for Apple is a nifty little trick to make every image fit the Instagram parameters. You can manipulate it to have extra white space, and anyone who is anyone will tell you white space is the key to a pleasing image.

Image via: @doseofsimplicity

2. Balance the Image
You'll notice that the pics you love the most usually have something random thrown in. That bottle of Vitamin Water or the handful or raspberries are certainly not a key part of your outfit but they do tell a wider story, add some life and fill the corners of your flat lay. Using similar colours to those in your outfit are key here; think of it as an accessory!

Image via: @fablihareza

3. Background Work
Perhaps the number one thing that can ruin an image: a poor background. Find a clean, ideally white space and get arranging! I've seen bloggers use a large piece of white paper or their white bed sheets (clean sheets please) but a slate grey pavement of kitchen bench can work too. Just keep it uniform, simple and let the items pop not blend.

Image via: @twiceblessed_

4. Captain Birdseye 
Like our favourite fish fingers, you want to have a good look before you take a snap (in case they're not golden and crunchy yet). Check out a few different angles and see which ones catches the light the best and reduces shadows. Don't be afraid to get up high with a step stool and zoom in! Use Instagram's features to swivel the image further if need be.

Image via: @itsclairehart

5. Light it up!
Now that we mention shadows... you don't want them. Take your pics outdoors or near a window in the middle of the day You can even pick up some light boxes on eBay quite cheaply which a lot of beauty bloggers use! Filters increasing the amount of light/contrast will also save some darker pictures, just experiment till you find a happy 'natural' medium.

Image via: @mrpaddingtonbear

6. Less is more
Sometimes showing off every element of your outfit isn't necessary. If your jeans aren't ironed and they're not working, take them out and replace it with a fedora, or nothing! Keep it simple, a couple colours maximum and lot's of white space.

Image via: @oraclefoxblog

7. Practice, practice, practice!
I am far from an Insta Queen but if you find something you love, just keep doing it till you get it right! Since I got "Flat Lay Envy" I've experimented more and trust me, you'll know when you get it right. Oh, you'll know.

Image via: @lovelaurenalexa

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Guest Post: A Walk Down Cooper St

Check out my new article on Cooper St Clothing over at Light and Beauty Boutique! I am so in love with my gorgeous Cooper St Lily dress care of Light and Beauty I'm even trying to justify it coming to America with me this week. I snapped a few (actually more like hundreds) of pics while trying to catch the light on a cloudy day, I'm not too shy to be glammed up at my local marina! Love the dress? Well, it's on sale right now you lucky things!
Would love to hear what you think of my little profile on the brand!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wanderlust: USA Edition

It's no secret I love traveling and in true Danielle Style (going to copyright that!) I have flown by the seat of pants to get a trip together to America! I leave next week for a whole month and can't wait to show you all my adventures! Here is the tour I'm doing, cool huh?!
I've been on Contiki before and they are a blast and really do change your life!
This trip has been on my list for a while and I had the holidays sitting there gathering dust, so I thought: Why not?
The only caveat is I am going on my own, without my fun (but endearingly annoying) travel buddy and BFF4LYF, Alex. Sad face. However, I'm really looking forward to making new buddies who love travel as much as I do (sorry Alex).
Now fingers crossed I don't get lost and overwhelmed by the giant burgers and slices of pie!
Wish me luck!

You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place. Like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again.

Azar Nafisi

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blue Mountains Bliss

You know you've hit adult hood (and you're working like a bitch) when you think "Ooh I need a spa weekend". I took it upon myself to do nothing all weekend; literally not one useful thing. And where better to do that than at a day spa! I went to a lovely little place called Navaeh House and relaxed with massages, aromatherapy baths and this spectacular example of a #nomakeupselfie.
Situated in the sweet Blue Mountains town of Leura, I relaxed automatically when I breathed the crisp cold air. With temperatures under 10 degrees I didn't have to feel guilty once when I spent the entire weekend snuggled up in front of the fire and getting pampered by the sweet owner Julie. And the vintage styled house was well and truly warmed with open fires, heaters and my favourite; electric blankets. I knew I'd made the right choice for my long weekend when Julie said "Oh we like to encourage guests to wear their nightgowns around the house and make themselves at home". You don't have to tell me to stay in my pyjamas twice!
The hot stone massage actually changed my life, I can honestly say I have never had a better massage.
During the day I wandered up and down the Leura shops eating my way through whatever took my fancy; top recommendation is Bakehouse on Wentworth (the name is a big, misleading lie; it's on Leura Mall) their pies are something else and come in so many varities! Get there early because they do sell out around lunch and you will have to stand awkwardly in line while the family behind you peeks around you talking about the pies they're getting when: A. That flavour is sold out and B. I am taking the last Lamb Curry pie, sorry not sorry.
My only regret for the whole weekend was the moment where I went to take off my nightgown to lie down on the massage table and wished I'd worn real underwear, not a tiny lacy piece of dental floss. You live, you learn!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

5 Ways to Wear Embellished Footwear

After my post regarding my love for outlandish footwear I realised I didn't tell you guys how to wear them! I know you've been dying to jump on the funky footwear train and join me in my merry little jig so here are my top 5 tips to wearing embellished shoes:

1. With a Skater Skirt and Knit Jumper

A flippy skirt is flirty and fun; paired with a knit jumper it's very changing season friendly and has serious laid back style attitude that amps up your daring footwear choice.

Crazy Shoes 1

2. With Tight Black Pants and a Simple Shirt

Jeans or leather pants are perfect for this! Throw on your staple pair and a plain t-shirt or button up with your crazy heels and you have instant glam. Make it a night time show stopper by adding a chunky, glitzy necklace.

Crazy Shoes 2

3. With a Relaxed Shirt and Mini Skirt

A loose shirt in silk or chiffon will balance the shorter skirt; I recommend keeping the skirt tight fitting so you don't look swamped. The mini skirt is there to give your legs the space they need to let those heels shine in all their glory!

Crazy Shoes 3

4. With a Matching Short Suit

We know I love a matching set and this is just another reason why! A simple blazer and short set in navy, white or black (or a bright hue if you're daring!) is the perfect one tone palette you need to show off your colourful pumps. Extra points for wearing a shirt that picks up on a colour in the heels!

Crazy Shoes 4

5. With a Printed Shift Dress

Don't be scared of this one, it really does work! With a simple cut dress and an eye catching pattern, this is one of the easiest ways to clash prints. Try a plaid or polka dot print with some fun loafers and you're set.

Crazy Shoes 5

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Orange Crush

Have you ever felt love at first sight? I did when I saw this amazing coat! I fell hard and fast and now I will have no other coat! I keep telling myself it's so much better than my other coats and that it understands me like no coat ever has before.Yes, I am obsessed and completely crushing on it.
I love the way it falls mid thigh and the two tone colour. It's lightweight yet warm and I always get compliments on it (who hates compliments?!). Orange was a colour I avoided because I thought it didn't suit me and was a little bit ick but I am amazed by how well it goes with everything and how it brightens a cold day in Sydney.
Also, it was a bargain! Go on. Buy it from Ebay here.

Coat: Ebay, Shirt: Zara, Skirt: Asos, Loafers: Charlotte Olympia imitation via Ebay