Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The YouTube Makeup Tutorials You Should Bookmark Right Now

I'm not great at everything (surprising I know). Makeup is one thing I'm especially not fantastic at. I just wasn't that girly growing up and neither was my sister, so despite the fact my mum was a cosmetics consultant for years, we just ignored the whole thing. UNTIL NOW!

Now I love makeup and in my efforts to educate myself I have found YouTube to be an excellent teacher. And because I'm a giving sort of gal, I'm willing to share the best ones I've found with you!

This one by blogger Kristina Bazan (Kayture) is my go-to everyday makeup routine. Hot tip: find someone with similar features (like hooded eyes) and copy their tutorials!

I ADORE Kiara King from Lion In The Wild blog so when she launched her YouTube channel I immediately fell for this rose gold makeup look. It's great for date night and really subtle.

Don't even pretend you don't want to look like Kylie Jenner at least once.

As I mentioned, I have hooded eyes so finding a tutorial on winged eyeliner just for eyes like mine was a lifesaver!

Literally everything by Aly Art is GENIUS. She's so knowledgeable and really educates you about all things faces rather than just makeup. I recommend watching her entire contouring series, it will change your entire makeup game.

On the note of contouring, this tutorial for pale skin is perfect if you're melanin challenged like me. Stephanie also has a little trick; she uses eyeshadow to get the perfect contouring shade!

Monday, February 29, 2016

5 Essential Handbags Every Woman Should Own

In case you guys hadn't noticed... I am taking the minimalist approach to EVERYTHING; my wardrobe, my life, my food ( my pantry has one box of Weetbix and a tin of tomatoes) and that's just the beginning. Next on my cull list is handbags. I sat down and had a good look at which ones I actually use and turns out, it was only FIVE of them! The rest just sit there in dust bags, squashed into the dark recesses of a draw that has no love for them, so they're heading to the charity bin and I'm sticking with the essentials:

The Weekend One
This isn't an overnight bag, but more of a 'I could end up anywhere bag'. It should be large enough (think tote size) to carry anything you might need, like the occasional grocery item or a set of heels, or a six-pack of beers! Keep it simple, but sturdy, this one might be taking some weight so get good thick handle straps that fit over your shoulder.

The Night Time One
How many times have you tried to shove everything you wanted to take on a night out into a bag and been frustrated when it wouldn't fit? The solution: only one bag! I know it sounds hard, but a cute side bag or clutch with a signature something is all you need. Make sure it fits your coin purse, phone, tissues and compact and you're done.

The Black One
This one is non-negotiable. It's your go-to classic that you pull out for job interviews or serious events. Grab one in a timeless shape like a bowler or Chanel boy bag style with a flap and clasp. It will never fail you!

The Fun One
Everyone deserves to have one bag or clutch that just makes them smile. It can be bejewelled or in the shape of a snail, but it's there to sub in for a night time bag or on the weekend when you're feeling flirty and fun.

The Everyday One
Personally, I think your everyday one shouldn't be black. Mine is light blue, but why not try navy or a tan. You'll drag it around everywhere so make it a medium size with a side strap. It needs to be big enough to fit a water bottle or umbrella, but not so big you can't take it to a bar. Keep it plain and accesorise with cute key-chains, that way you can mix it up with your mood.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Natural Deodorant Hunt: Lush Aromaco Review

I desperately want to only use natural deodorant. Since I started looking into it, regular deodorant kinda scares me. Even if you wouldn't dream of growing your own kale, this is something you should look into too!

A quick Google search about the evils of stock-standard deodorant will really make you think. A lot of scientists believe the rise of breast cancer is a direct link to the aluminium in deodorants that clog up your lymph nodes. And sure, anything can kill us but there's just something about this one I'm keen to avoid so the hunt for a flawless natural deodorant has begun!

I want to offer one tiny disclaimer here before I jump into the review of my first product... I am not a sweaty lady. Where others are dripping buckets at the gym or working those pit stains on a hot day, I'm covered in a light sheen. I don't know why but I am thankful! Regardless, I'm a polite member of society and wear deodorant in case of potential pong...

In comes in Lush's deodorant bar Aromaco! My sister was super keen to try it as well so we grabbed a big block and split it down the middle, promising to report back (so far she hasn't held up her end of the bargain).

The Good: I cut the hard wax off the edge of the block to reveal the creamy middle and immediately I think: This smells yummy! It's patchouli scented which I personally am fond of because I'm a closet hippy. It goes on really easily and is like a fine layer of oil. I really liked this and found it easy to work with. Putting it on before bed left me smelling fine (damn fine) in the morning and I'd reapply for the day, so I would say you need to use more of this than standard deo.

The Bad: As I said, I'm not a sweaty lady but even still, I would not say this prevents it in any way shape or form. You're not going to feel dry, and technically you shouldn't since nothing is clogging your pores, but it is a new sensation that takes some getting used to. It was fine for me during the day, but the patchouli scent just didn't hold up during a gym session (sorry guy on the bike next to me).

Overall, I'm giving it a 6.5/10. The search continues...

If you have any recommednations for natural deodorants (or just aluminium free ones!), hit me up on Facebook!

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Definitive Ranking Of Dry Shampoo Brands

Dry shampoo is one of the greatest inventions ever. It's also the only hair product I've found myself consistently using, which is how I've managed to go through almost every brand on the Australian market! I like to shop around, make sure I'm getting the right thing for my hair not just the most-popular or cheapest, and I'm sure you do too so here is a definitive ranking from the worst (like throw it straight in the bin) to the best (marry it)...

8. Joico
This is the absolute worst dry shampoo I have ever used. I know that because I've used ALL of them (and made this list). It is basically pressurised sticky water. There's zero powdery residue afterwards and I would even go as far as to say it made my hair look more unwashed.

7. Garnier
They were an early adopter on the dry 'poo front and never improved their formula. It's more like wetting your hair. Back to the lab guys!

6. Tresemme
This is one big meh. Their shampoo range is a budget buy and their dry shampoo follows suit. Interestingly enough unlike normal DRY shampoos, this one leaves your hair kinda wet and sticky before going powdery. Not great for styling because it doesn't add much oomph, volume or grip.

5. Redken
They call their's 'Pillow Proof, 2 Day Extender'. I don't know why they chose to go against the grain but it may have something to do with it being recommended for blow-dry styled hair which is already pretty clean. Either way it gave so-so results and like the Tresemme variety, was more on the 'wet' side of dry.

4. Cedel
This is quite a good formula but a touch too powdery (I'm starting to sound like Goldilocks aren't I?). They have a dark hair formula which is alright but nothing special. Their scents are quite good and because it's so powdery they're good for styling.

3. Klorane
Their's is pretty damn good! Scores some points for using more natural ingredients which is good for sensitive skinned people, but anything pressurised in a can is not environmentally friendly so let's not pretend it is. The powder is really nice and fine but does have to be brushed out a bit. Yay for no stickiness!

2. Girlz Only (Target Australia)
I can't get enough of these ones! They brand name appeals deeply to my inner 13 year old and the price is AMAZING. $3, or 2 for $5. They're practically giving it away! They've got a dark haired version, a party version, a version that washes your car  and they give sky-high volume. A little wet before turning into nice powder so you need to relax before you keep spraying (guilty). Cons? The scents are intense. Use in a well ventilated area.

1. Batiste
The holy grail of dry shampoos! All bow down to Batiste! They're definitely the market leader, have the biggest range and the best formula. That of course means they can be a little expensive if you use a can a week like me. The XXL volume one is truly outstanding!

Have I missed any? Hit me up on Facebook and let me know!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentines Day Gifts That Won't Make You Want To Spew

It seems most people have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day. Some are fiercely against it, while others scoff in public but dream in private. But even if you're not a fan of Valentines Day, you can still celebrate GALentines Day and show your gal pals some loooooove! Which is hwy I put together this gift guide of items ANYBODY would want to receive (some simply for their comedic value).

Ideal for the lover or friend that likes to romance themselves over a beverage.

Subtle, but does what it says on the box.

Who doesn't want to be told they're hot?

Monogrammed shit is THE shit.

Great for single gals who still want a light in their life.

Beyond sexy underwear is the gift everyone can enjoy.

Monday, January 25, 2016

4 Things I Noticed When I Started Exercising

I know what you're thinking, "What do you mean your svelte physique hasn't come naturally Danielle?". Yes, I'm afraid that I too must exercise like other mere mortals ;)

In all honesty though sport and I have never been mates and I've only started hitting the gym and classes full time in the last year. That time has FLOWN by though and I now wake up everyday feeling like it's part of a normal routine. Like brushing my teeth or checking Snapchat on the hour, every hour. This isn't a post about how you should exercise or how to do it or anything like that. Being fit is so on trend that you can't open a new tab without seeing some #fitspo, so this post is more about the little things I've noticed since I began taking care of my bodacious body.

1. I can sleep through the whole night
I've never been a great sleeper, I sleep light and have trouble switching off. I have noticed over the last year that because I'm worn out from wasting energy riding a bike to nowhere, I can stay asleep all night. The sleep is much deeper and I can barely sleep in any more because 8 hours is almost TOO much. Never thought I'd say that...

2. I am MUCH warmer
If you know me outside of the internet (Hi real life friends!) then you know I am famous for my zero body heat. Seriously, I am room temperature. This has led to a lifetime of reliance on electric blankets so I can be cosy at night, and a constant fear of being stranded without a jacket. But now that I'm hitting the gym a few times a week I don't need to have a doona on at night! Exercise is the key to temperature regulation apparently.

3. I sweat more
Kinda the same thing as being warmer but with less perks. I NEVER used to sweat but now I can work one up by going outside on a humid day. I've also never been one for forehead sweat but here I am saying au revoir to my makeup by 10 am in Summer. Yay for better circulation?!

4. I'm hungry all the time
Science says you consume more calories, your body wants more calories. That's cool but man is it annoying at work. The guy I sit next too is baffled by my snack game and how much I can consume. Luckily it's mostly healthy food, nowadays I crave protein and foods that will fill me up but aren't heavy.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Shoe Review: Missguided Lace Up Tassel Heels

This is my second pair of shoes from Missguided (remember this gorgeous teal pair?) and they've quickly become my favourite heels. I desperately wanted a red set in my wardrobe but most styles were bright red and had too much oopmh for me... and along came the lace up tassel pair in berry. Berry is much more wearable isn't it? The burgundy colour goes with so much and is more understated, making it perfect for work and play. Also, who could walk (scroll) past the combo of ties and tassels?! No one I tell you! Just check me out here working that pavement as they perfectly compliment my dress...

Comfort wise, they're great. The block heel is supportive and the heel cup holds you in, which is something I've found lacking in other lace up styles. They're not too complicated to get on either which is a major bonus because I am time poor and if my shoes require 15 minutes for lacing, count me out. The tassels do swing around and get their groove on while you walk but that's to be expected so just double knot them. My only criticism is that the ties are almost too long. Having the option to lace them up your legs is nice but a little shorter would have been better.